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Surgical care

MeinDoc is a cloud-based 3D visualisation platform, revolutionising the understanding of surgical interventions for patients and helping healthcare professionals, simplifying the complex doctor-patient communication and reducing pre-surgical anxiety of patients. 

Why MeinDoc?

Surgical Intervention is a particularly stressful event for patients and their relatives. MeinDoc offers state-of-the art personalised 3D model of the surgical condition along with personalised 3D animation of the planned surgical procedure that improves understanding, reduces uncertainty, and enhances recover for patients.

Personalised 3D

Each and every content is built based on patient’s own condition. This state-of-the-art visualisation that MeinDoc offers, improves understanding, reduces uncertainty and empowers patients and their relatives with information as never before. For the first time, patients can now see their planned procedure as a personalised animated video that MeinDoc creates based on the inputs from treating surgeon.

We build trust in the system

What we do?

The values that we offer

We make consenting process

Faster ٠ Informative ٠ Repeatable

We simplify medical complexity

We improve patient satisfaction

We enhance patient recovery.
Improved compliance ٠ Better understanding

About us

We want to change the way
the patient understand their Surgical problem

"MeinDoc" translates literally into German as "My Doc," meaning "my doctor." At MeinDoc, our goal is to revolutionize traditional and complicated medical communications, breaking down barriers between doctors and patients. We strive to enhance patients' health literacy significantly by providing state-of-the-art 3D visualizations of their surgical condition and planned procedures.

Meindoc GmbH

Riebeckstraße 28,

04317, Leipzig,


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