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Who we are

"MeinDoc" translates literally into German as "My Doc," meaning "my doctor." At MeinDoc, our goal is to revolutionize traditional and complicated medical communications, breaking down barriers between doctors and patients. We strive to enhance patients' health literacy significantly by providing state-of-the-art 3D visualizations of their surgical condition and planned procedures.

We want to change the way the patient understand their Surgical problem

Our Story

Two surgeons, Dr. Adi and Dr. Phuc, set out in 2020 to use the technology to improve patient understanding. They founded MeinDoc and an expert team of researchers, 3D experts and app developers joined hands to make their dream come true. After months of experimentation and consistent efforts, the team was able to crack the solution of offering each and every patient a unique 3D model and a personalised animation that would normally take weeks to create for a single person. This idea is appreciated and accepted in Germany’s start up community. They are now a part of the Spinlab, Leipzig’s 12th class of mentoring program.


Entrepreneur with expertise in metaverse and over 12 years of experience in product development and fundraising.


Surgeon and orator with international surgical experience from India, Europe, Russia, UK and USA. Involved in product design and development


Expert robotic surgeon in urology with over 10 years of experience. Involved in coordinating medical content and research


Entrepreneur with business experience. Currently involved in finance management and investor relations

Our Story & Founders.

In 2020, two surgeons, Dr. Adi and Dr. Phuc was explaining conditions as well as surgery to patients by profession. He was a rocket scientist. The patient whose name cannot be undisclosed panicked on hearing the news and he was not able to understand the surgery procedure. This struck a chord with  Dr. Adi and Dr. Phuc and they felt that even a rocket scientist could not understand how a commoner would react and what sort of anxiety would be created within him or her. This Triggered them to collaborate with entrepreneur Mr. Tu and Mr.Sudharsan and they created the first prototype of Meindoc. 

Sudharsan’s knowledge of 3D technology helped them convert the idea into reality and Dr.Sigrun and Mr.Sriram helped clinically test the product and make it legally compliant.  After going through various versions the team found a way to make each patient's 3D model and animation unique. This idea was  liked and accepted by both the German start-up scene and the healthcare world.


Dr. Nimer Ali Faiyaz

Experienced surgeon with 20+ years of experience in the Medtech and pharmaceutical industry.

Rob Doebelin

20 + year Experience Launching & Scaling Startups from MVP to $80M Series C. ex Proximie, Evolution Surgical, Inc.

Sriram SL 

Regulatory professional who Launched 40+ medtech products in market over a career span of 35+ years


As a medical documentation assistant, she is the heart and soul of MeinDoc and keeps an eye on all processes.


Prof. Dr. Stolzenburg

Clinical Expert. Germany

Dr. Raghunath SK

Clinical Expert, India

Titus Lindl

Business Advisory, Germany

BS Radhakrishnan

Business Advisory, India

Our vision is to revolutionise 100 million surgeries by building the world’s largest Medical Metaverse platform

Our vision


PhD with many successful research grant projects. Involved in planning and co-ordination of clinical research

Alexander Brugger

Project management professional with decade of experience in medical device manufacturing

Krishnamurthy KN

32+ years of experience in leading medical devices companies  in India, Ex Phillips and Bluestar health

SD Naidu

Surgeon turned entrepreneur who is known for his innovative sales strategies and growth hacks in medical domain 

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