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In a Mission of Helping 1 Million Patients & Surgeons with our 3D-based visualization technology.

Our Mission

Our Vision

In a vision of building the world's largest AR/ VR Medical Metaverse platform.


Customer-centricity is our top priority
We offer affordable solutions
We prioritize innovative problem solving

MeinDoc is a Medtech AR VR platform that strives to transform traditional and complex medical communications and break the boundaries between doctor and patient. MeinDoc aims to enhance the health literacy of patients significantly by providing them with state-of-the-art 3D-based visualizations of their surgical condition and their planned procedure.

Introduction to Meindoc 


MeinDoc Connect : This ERP simplifies the process of creating personalized videos for patients, enabling surgeons
to explain medical conditions, procedures, and complications with ease. In addition, the platform includes
a digital consent form, streamlining the consent process.

Meindoc VR provides surgeons with a powerful tool for planning and practicing surgeries using virtual
reality headsets. Patients can also join the virtual surgery theater, where they can experience a highly
immersive explanation of the procedure. The platform also allows surgeons to collaborate with each
other in the surgery planning process.

Meindoc Augment leverages augmented reality technology to enhance surgical procedures. It provides
surgeons with real-time, 3D overlays of organs during surgery, and head-mounted displays allow for an AR
overlay of information. The platform facilitates a more precise and efficient surgery.


Meindoc Meta: Meindoc is on the verge of building the World's largest medical Metaverse which allows patients to be entire virtual diagnostic centers and experience the medical condition, surgery process, post surgery treatments in a Virtual environment. We are looking forward to tie with large players in the healthcare sector and hospital for this service.

Product Screenshot

Product Videos links 

Kidney stone - URS procedure

Kidney stone - PCNL procedure

Kidney stone - DJ Stent procedure

Bladder Tumor


Prostate Cancer - Robotic Surgery

What is Meindoc German

MeinDoc means "My Doctor" in German.


How do you see your company's Medtech startup space ?

The Health- Tech market is predicted to triple in Europe and India by 2025 to 300 Billion euros. Since 3D technology is relatively new, only few players are in the market worldwide. Meindoc aims to be a market

leader in the field of medical 3D using the latest technology at an affordable price.


Our market strategy is to start sales initially with Germany then expanding into the European market.

Cooperation with insurance companies can increase sales significantly. There is literally no company in the patient assistance or patient surgeon relationship segment. We like to be market leaders in that.

What’s your team strength ?


The founding members of MeinDoc come with a combined experience of over 150+ years of relevant technology background such as Medicine, 3D animation, game development, embedded technology, clinical applications and serial entrepreneurship. Each bringing unique strength to creating niche and unique products.  


How is your solution going to help Surgeons and Patients ?

After spending 100s of hours on clinical trials we are confident that meindoc will add some of the key values to all the stakeholders

Hospital: Improve surgery churn, Improve patient experience, be 100 % complaint.

Surgeons: Be 100 % complaint, develop a better relationship with the patients, diagnosis to surgery conversion rate, Build trust.

Patient: Better data driven and more aware choice,awareness of surgery procedure, Reduce anxiety

What are the markets you are planning to target ?

For now Germany and India, In India we have Operations Head who is leading a team of hospital success agents and in Germany we are on the verge of completing the pilot and hitting the market around March. As 11.7% of the population of Germany undergoes surgery each year and since there is no competitor in Germany provides similar service, there is a first mover’s advantage. In order to capture this market in a shortest possible time, Meindoc will initially focus on increasing brand awareness while increasing its product portfolio at a rapid phase. We expect to capture 10% of major Urology surgeries market to be captured by the end of 2021. Every 3 months new 3D videos of other specialties will be introduced. We aim to capture 10% of the market share of the newly introduced specialty.


Can you tell us about some of your competitors ?

Yes we have competitions in other countries whom we look up to , if you take France there is  a product called Visible patient which charges 840 euros per model generated, their technology is based on CT scan only and not cloud based like Mindoc you need to install the software.

In Brazil there is a product called Docdo which charges  700 euros per model generation which is  based on Tomograph and in Ita there is product Called Medics -3D which is 600 euros/ model.Though Medics quite different in offering, it offers physical model of the organ developed by 3D printing from DICOM and requires 72 hours to physically render it.


What is your Go to market strategy for Germany and India

In India we already have tie ups with Hospitals and surgeons and we are in a good stage. In Germany we have Tie up with Insurance players like MKK and Mobil who introduces us to the hospitals and chefArzt. 

With CE certification in place, we are enlisting our app in Diga library which makes the app eligible for coverage by the Statutory Health Insurance funds


Product Innovation Strengths


With just a few clicks, our state-of-the-art software allows doctors to create customized videos of the planned surgery they plan to perform for each of their patients making pre-surgery follow-up easy for treating healthcare teams. The low cost at which Meindoc provides its service allows it to attract large numbers of customers in both developed and developing nations. We are the first to provide patients with individualized 3D animation of the surgical process, which has the potential to transform their understanding of the procedure in ways that have never been seen before.

How do you see the German and India Health and medical market for business ?

Health market predicted to triple by 2025 to 300 Billion euros which are reflected through DIGA initiatives by the German government in 2020.Major companies are focusing on mobile-based apps for patient management to increase the efficiency of healthcare As per Germany’s Federal ministry of Health, the Digitale-Versorgung-Gesetz (Digital Healthcare Act, DVG), which from 2020 makes digital healthcare apps in Germany eligible for coverage by the Statutory Health Insurance funds – “apps on prescription”.


Initially, Meindoc will offer its service to European and Asian markets by first entering Germany and India. 


Data shows that approximately 9 million surgical procedures are performed annually in Germany, out of a total population of 83.2 million. This represents over 11.7% of the population.and India has 8.6 procedures per 1,000 people and 11.1 million surgeries per year, with 1.38 billion people.  Among that, 30% are complex surgeries who are our primary customers



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